Ticketing System FOR FREE to keep track of each request of Assistance


The web interface for your Customer is customized with the Logo and info of your Company. The standard module of request can be personalized with only the needful information for you to understand the priority, the type of problem and the intervention to execute.

" All you need to offer Customers assistance,
offering a professional and quality support "

Tabitha Smith

With D-TEC you have For Free the Ticketing with which you can...

  • centralize all the requests in only one system
  • avoid interruptions while you work to answer to calls, Whatsapp and e-mail, avoiding that the Customer comes directly to you
  • evaluate correctly the signaled problem and the type of work to execute
  • reduce the possibility of errors, avoiding misunderstanding and forgetting
  • program the intervention assigning it to the right Technician
  • simplify the technicians work that every day they will find the interventions to execute in agenda
  • verify the status of the assistance request
  • control the storicity of the interventions


Create Customized modules of request

Collect complete information on the problem when the Customers contact you, using modules of request customized. You can insert fields of text or dynamic drop down menu to supply the Customers with a list of options among which choosing and collecting precise data.

Create a customized Ticket portal with your brand

With the functions of customization of the Ticket portal, you can offer your Customers an experience of support that seems an extension of your website. Based on an easy and simplified User interface, all Customers can use it, even those less used to surfing the net.  

Use the Ticketing of D-TEC

...and be sure to offer the best support to your Customers