Digital Work Reports, software Technical Assistance in Cloud and Ticketing service for Assistance requests with PICTURE of the problem

Filling Intervention Reports on Android and iOS with automatic schedule
of Maintenances and Ticketing

Modify by yourself the Report Form

From the Windows, Web, and MAC OS of D-TEC you can edit fields, writings and the sections of the basic Report to adapt the program to your work method, autonomously without additional costs and without being a programmer. Once the changes are done, syncronize in Cloud and everything you have customized in D-TEC  Desktop version you find it also within iOS and Android App, to work in mobility in the field.

Do you want to see how it works?

D-TEC is the complete program with App created for all Companies that need  to fill Work Reports on site, and eliminate paper copies. The fast and safe solution to manage digital intervention reports, even working Offline without internet with Smartphone and Tablet.

D-TEC is perfect for YOU looking for...

A tailor-made program for you

Without IT skills and without additional costs independently using the Tools and drag&drop functions integrated in D-TEC, customize everything from the single field and interface to the functionality and automation in addition to the usual graphic aspect of the Form of technical intervention

Manage Customer Calls and Alerts of Customers

you also have FREE forever, Integrated in D-TEC to the Ticket section you have Free forever the Web Ticketing with which your Customers send you support requests, simply by clicking on a Link and you also receive the
Email notifications

Check the Technicians on the move

Do you want to know where your employees are phisically working outside the office? With the App Tracker in parallel to D-TEC you can track the path of Technicians, check the movements of each operator, control the timing of stop per Technician in a range of date, automate the retrieve of GPS position.

Costs certain and under control

Activating the annual Cloud of D-TEC for the number of Users that access an work with the program and the App, you have nothing else to pay, you have unlimited data and downloads


Work with D-TEC on


We offer to everyone a Free Cloud for 30 days with the possibility to create up to 5 databases. You can try freely all functionalities of D-TEC even with the FREE version.
No credit card required and no automatic renewal.
Once the trial is over, if you are satisfied with the program, you buy the Cloud Licence starting from € 6,00 per month per User.


€ 9 Month / User

  • Unlimited installation
  • Unlimited Records
  • Storage space files and images up to 2 GB
  • Ticketing with PHOTOS
  • Free App for technicians


€ 7 Month / User

  • Unlimited installation
  • Unlimited Records
  • Storage space files and images up to 4 GB
  • Ticketing with PHOTOS
  • Free App for technicians


€ 6 Month / User

  • Unlimited installation
  • Unlimited Records
  • Storage space files and images up to 6 GB
  • Ticketing with PHOTOS
  • Free App for technicians

Annually billed


Enhance D-TEC with ready-made Add-ons available on the Marketplace integrated into the program. Cross-platform components that you can use on all your devices. Extensions, Reports, Print Modules, Additional Sections and much more ...

With D-TEC you can do

  • Collect the Tickets of Assistance coming from the clients
  • Schedule appointments by assigning them to the right Technician
  • Automate the planning of scheduled maintenances
  • Work on the go with the App for Technicians
  • Geolocalize Customers and Technicians
  • View appointments on the Maps
  • Why choose D-TEC

    Complete Program for filling intervention reports for free and App for managing technicians that work at customers premises. Scheduled Maintenances and Assistances, contracts, appointments, Inspections and gps geolocation of technicians. A professional and affordable solution suitable for office and field works.

    App for Technicians in the field

    Manage at best the Technicians working time that access the App with simplified interface and fill-in rapidly the intervention report directly on their Smartphone and Tablet. 

    Eliminate paper forms

    Digitalize paper modules that you are currently using to trace work hours and executed technical intervention.
    On the spot you send a digital copy to the Customer via email or via Whats App.

    Work anywhere Offline

    You work with tranquillity using Smartphone, Tablet and Computer that you already owned, anywhere you are, even without internet. All the data are saved and copied in Cloud as soon as you are connected.


    D-TEC is a program developped with the Nios4 platform and for this reason you can modify everything within the program, for free and by yourself. Without having to be a programmer you can start from the practical WorkFlow, you can use the drag and drop functions of fields and take advantage of all Tolls Low-Code integrated in the version Windows, Web and MAC OS X of D-TEC, to rename the fields, modify and add sections, set up functions according to your work method.

    Specific for YOUR WORK

    From field interventions to the Administration in the office. Schedule appointments and manage your team of technicians via Desktop, Tablet and Smartphone


    You use it on Android, iOS on Smartphone, Tablet but also from Desktop on PC Windows and MAC OS X, no data limit

    Information can be shared with all technicians and managers, as well as with administrative staff


    The system allows the geolocalization of the interventions on the map, to
    optimize the management of technicians and the work to be performed.

    Technicians can send the intervention report to the customer
    directly via email or via WhatsApp in a few simple steps

    The system manages automatically the information, that are always updated with the company centralised system

    Technicians on-site take pictures of the work and collect Customers signatures eliminating paper forms and reducing possible disputes

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