The software management for technical assistance that helps companies and their employees to organize and plan technical interventions, compile intervention reports in the field, manage the warehouse and generate invoices


Electricians plan with D-TEC their weekly appointments and manage the systems directly in the field, fill in the intervention report performed and set up scheduled maintenances with extreme ease.


D-TEC helps plumbers to plan their interventions and to manage warehouse loading/unloading of spare parts according to inserted articles in the work report detail.

Maintainers, installers and Services Providers

With D-TEC the installers of civil and industrial plants organise ordinaries maintenances monitoring with a single software, both the historic of intervention reports already executed and programming in agenda the future ones.

Artisans and small businesses

Boilers Technicians, Refrigerators Technicians, Antenna technicians, IT Technicians, Painters and Cleaning Companies find in D-TEC a valid support to manage all Customer requests and write reports on the spot collecting the signature from the Customer.

Constructions Operators

D-TEC is used by Construction sector operators who carry out work on construction sites and manage periodic maintenances. In fact, the intervention reports are filled in with details of the hours worked even over several days and by several workers in order to always have the exact picture, including the materials used in each construction site and order.

Do you still have any doubt? Here the most frequently asked questions


Can I import personal data of my Clients?

Yes, using the Windows version of D-TEC in which a data importer has been integrated, you can import your Customer lists and the Items from an Excel file you have coded in stock . Watch the Video to find out how: https://nios4.com/en/video/how-to-import-your-data/21/

Can I change the fields of the work report?

Absolutely Yes, because D-TEC has all the modification Tools of the Nios4 management system from which it was developed. You can add fields and sections independently without the need for support or simply rename those already presentWatch the Video: https://nios4.com/en/video/how-to-create-a-field/7/

Can I manage permissions of technicians users?

Yes, the Administrator user who created the D-TEC database when creating the Users sets him a User Category, which associates him with the group he belongs to. The inserted User automatically takes the permissions assigned to that Category and for each Category it is possible to choose which fields, sections and tables to enable and whether to give
permissions to read, write, synchronize or read only. Watch the video: https://nios4.com/en/video/set-permissions-in-nios4/51/

Can I also find the customizations I make at D-TEC inside the App?

Yes of course, thanks to the integrated Cloud Data Synchronization system. Download the Windows or MAC OS version of D-TEC or access directly from the Web App to modify the basic version of the D-TEC program exactly as you would like it then press the Synchronization button in the Cloud. From Android and iOS mobile devices, open the D-TEC App, log in with the same credentials you used for the Desktop version programs and once connected to your database, by pressing the Sync button at the top, you will find all the customizations that you have done.

Over 700 Companies are already using it !

We believe that time is the most precious resource we have and that technology should help us work better and faster. For this reason we have created D-TEC, the program to manage and create Work Reports anywhere and on any device, for all Companies and Small Businesses that work at the Customer's houses.

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