Simplify your life with D-TEC

Without having to be a programmer you can start from the practical WorkFlow, use the Drag and Drop functions of the fields and take advantage of all the Low-Code Tools integrated in the Windows, Web and MAC OS X version of D-TEC, to rename the fields, modify and add sections, set the functions according to your working method ... all this for free!


The only platform in Italy for the creation of management systems

If you cannot find the data management you want, create it.

Using the integrated tools it is possible to create any type of
data management. You are the one who shapes your database. Then, thanks to the Cloud synchronization system integrated in the Nios4 platform, you can
use YOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM on all supported systems: Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Web. Both online and offline.

Create your management system without being a programmer

Create Your management system for free with Nios4, one of the
most powerful and customizable platforms in the world. Dozens of ready-made templates and programs with integrated Apps that you can completely customize by yourself following your working method.