Why choose D-TEC

A flexible and convenient solution suitable for everyone

Assistance in a few click

Manage all your technical assistances on the move and in just a few clicks, to optimize the whole process, from the call to sending the report

Everything under control

Fill in the work reports quickly and send them directly to the customer via email or via WhatsApp, completely eliminating the paper

Even offline

Work from any smartphone, tablet or PC, even in the absence of internet connection and then send the updated data when you are online

What is D-TEC

A completely customizable and usable system wherever you want: Android, Windows and Web Appthat allows you to optimize all the management of technicians and work to be performed.

D-TEC allows to create and send to the company and customers reports of carried out works by technical personnel, directly on the move. The company can schedule the work and monitor the activities carried out and the technical team in the field receive the updated work plans.

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Complete system on the move

The technical staff and maintainers receive all the information in real time directly on the field, so they can manage their works quickly, efficiently and completely and avoid wasting time and money.

  • Appointments managed by the company
  • App for technicians with geolocation
  • App dedicated to those responsible for management
  • Real-time job planning
  • Sending reports to the company and the customer

Fully customizable

The solution that adapts to your way of working, you can in fact customize your interfaces with the fields you need and that you already use on paper

Improve your way of working

Discover the main functions that make D-TEC the right system for managing your technical maintenance and assistance works

On all devices

You can work from any smartphone, tablet or PC without limits. D-TEC is available for Android, Windows and Web App.


The information can be shared with all technicians and managers, as well as with administrative staff.

Sending reports

The technicians can send the intervention report to the customer directly by email or via WhatsApp in a few simple steps.


The system manages the information, which is updated with the company's centralized system.

App for technicians

Each technician has his own App to manage the jobs assigned to him. The managers, however, have the app dedicated to them to verify everything.

Works map

The system allows geolocation of the works on the map, to optimize the management of technicians and the work to be performed.

Digital signature

Technicians can collect the customer's signature directly on their smartphone or tablet, thus eliminating paper and reducing time.


The system allows you to quickly generate reports to check hours worked and materials used and keep everything under control.


Watch the video and find out how to quickly fill out a work report, it will only take you a minute.

D-TEC, in fact, allows you to quickly fill in reports, helping you to eliminate paper copies, significantly reducing time and costs and therefore increasing the productivity of your company.



D-TEC prices adapt to the needs of your company

9Month / user

Up to 2 users
  • Unlimited devices
  • Share and synchronize
    from 1 to 2 GB

7Month / user

Up to 4 users
  • Unlimited devices
  • Share and synchronize
    from 3 to 4 GB

6Month / user

5+ users
  • Unlimited devices
  • Share and synchronize
    from 5 GB +

Frequent questions

Below you will find the answers to the questions we are usually asked

Can I customize the prints?
Of course, D-TEC has an integrated print editor that allows you to customize and create prints based on your needs. Alternatively you can ask us to customize them for you.
I need to add some fields, is it possible?
Absolutely yes, D-TEC is equipped with a system for creating fields and tables that allows you to add the fields you need but also entire forms by customizing the database to your liking. Alternatively, you can ask us to make customizations for you.
Can I transfer the changes that I make on Windows to the smartphone app?
After making the changes you need to the database and the prints you just need to synchronize to share them on all devices, both mobile and desktop.
Can I import customers' materials and personal data from a file?
Sí, se ha integrado un importador de datos en D-TEC que te permite cargar datos directamente en tablas a través de un archivo Excel.